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Music is embedded in Nathalie Matthews very being and with a new start and a debut album this beautiful Canadian vocalist plans to open herself up to the world and allow all to experience what she has to offer.

As a child Nathalie was encouraged to explore the arts. By the age of 11 she could play the flute, the saxophone and the piano, but it didn’t take her long to discover that her favorite instrument was her voice. With an amazing six-octave range and stellar stage presence, everyone who heard her sing was astounded by the maturity of her voice. At the age of 16, Nathalie started her first band and soon became a hometown favorite. She later entered the Miss Montreal Pageant and won the category of “Best Talent.” She went on to compete in the Miss Quebec Pageant and because of her friendly demeanor and outgoing personality she was chosen as “Ms. Congeniality.” With a newfound fame and confidence Nathalie connected with the management of Grammy-award winner Celine Dion and landed the coveted spot of back up singer. Her amazing talent and fluency in French made her an asset to the bilingual singer’s band. After touring with Celine and learning the art of performance from one of the best, Nathalie decided to strike out on her own, formed a new band and began to tour Eastern Canada. Even though she had no album and no airplay, Nathalie was able to garner a large fan base. Once audiences heard her they had no choice but to love her!

As fate would have it Nathalie fell in love and decided to put her singing aspirations on-hold to pursue family. In 2005, she decided it was time to let go of her last love, while re-embracing her first love and what better place to start fresh than the United States? She traveled to Las Vegas and participated in the 2005 International Music Festival. Nathalie wowed the judges with her powerful voice and was awarded the category of “Best R&B Pop” artist. The opportunity and exposure also allowed her to cross paths with some of the best producers the industry has to offer and after recording a few songs in New York she came to Los Angeles, CA, to record her album.

Once in LA, she stepped into the studio to purge herself of the music that had been bottled inside for years. What emerged was 13 cuts of pure Nathalie Matthews. Her self-titled debut album is a delicious blend of pop and R&B that contains heartfelt messages of love, pain, healing and triumph. In honor of her roots, Nathalie also recorded two songs in French —one is Chaka Khan’s hit “Ain’t Nobody.” The album contains fabulous production by David Cochrane, formerly of the Commodores. He is responsible for hits from Lionel Richie, Paula Abdul, Atlantic Starr and others. Victor Newman also joined in the effort (Tyrese, Randy Jackson, and Mike Epps). The album in currently in pre-release and can be found via the Internet.

Nathalie is now performing spot dates in and around Southern California.